Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr Dan & Neo are back, hacked one more website - / - 27 mar 2010

JAIPUR: Doctor Dan and Doctor Neo are back. The duo, who claimed to be a part of Pakistan Net Army (PNA) that defaced Taxila Business School website on March 23, have hacked one more website in the city on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday. The website that came under attack is Cyber crime experts are of the opinion that there may be many such websites which had been defaced by these hackers.

They have left obnoxious message on the website saying Hacked by your FatherDr Neo and Dr Dan son of Pakistan' and images and logo of Pakistan Net Army.

Himanshu Tiwari, cyber crime expert working with New Delhi Cyber Cell in Gurgaon said, "In the last 48 hours, they (PNA) have hacked more than 91 websites in India, including two from Rajasthan. This indicates their far wider reach," he said.

After analysing the hacked websites, Tiwari said there is no perfect uniformity in the hacked portals. "It seems that they have devised a tool for randomly choosing websites," said Tiwari. The message on Noorpaperarts was different from Taxila states that hackers are working in different teams He claimed that over two groups have carried out hacking attempts from Pakistan and Palestine.

These incidents have created panic among the city-based technical education institutes. They are apprehensive that what these hackers have done the to website of Taxila Business School, might happen to their own websites too. The engineering colleges have started revamping their web portals to rule out any possibility from becoming the instruments in the hands of hostile nations.

This is for the first time an educational institute website has been targeted by the hackers sitting abroad. They, however, sneaked into the education websites as they are very vulnerable for such acts. It's a known fact that most of the web portals of colleges are being prepared, monitored and uploaded by students.

Shashinkant Singhi, director of Poornima Group of Colleges said, "Now, the time has come to employee a ethical hacker to protect and safeguard our websites." He added that our websites are being monitored by the private software company. Similar views were echoed by many colleges. They said that such a situation can only dealt when we become more advanced on tackling cyber problems against the hostile nations.

Shaken by this incident, Arpit Agarwal, director, JECRC Engineering College, has consulted the web portal experts for the review to find out are they susceptible for such attack or not. "We have enhanced our portal by introducing firewalls," added Agarwal.

They urged that as new admission session is round the corner and that cannot take any risk of losing or misreporting data. For creating awareness on the cyber crimes the management of various colleges has been consistently holding various seminars and programmes on hacking. "I was asked by a private university in Jaipur to prepare trained students to protect the websites from being hacked," said Tiwari.

By Shoeb Khan

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