Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chinese Google Alternative Baidu Hacked - - 12 Jan 2010

In a similar attack to the one that hit Twitter last month, Chinese search engine major Baidu felt itself reeling under a cyber attack earlier today. The attack was executed by the same Iranian Cyber Army who took down Twitter not very long ago. After displaying the Iranian Cyber Army logo on the Baidu homepage briefly, the site went down for almost four hours after which it was back to normal. We tried to open the site just before this story went online and it was down again.

Baidu is by far the largest search engine in China and commands a 60 percent market share in the search arena. This is, perhaps, the only country on the planet where the Google search engine comes in at the second place. Considering the popularity of Baidu in the country, the news quickly spread throughout the Chinese Interweb.

While the reason for hacking and defacing the Twitter homepage could make sense owing to its American origins, it is unclear as to why a Chinese website was targeted. This, when the Iranians and the Chinese have a reasonable amount of co-operation between them.

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