Wednesday, February 18, 2009

MEA computers hacked again - - 15 Feb 09

NEW DELHI: The ministry of external affairs on Sunday said that no classified information has been stolen, after over 600 of its computers were hacked.

According to Times Now, the machines were infected by spyware — a bug that gets into a computer taking control of the user's actions.

The infected computers include those in the ministry's sensitive Pakistan section.

However, the MEA insists that no national secrets have been breached.

They said that each senior official has two computers, one that connects to the Internet and the other for classified work, which is not connected to the net.

This is not the first such instance of hacking.

In May 2008, the MEA’s internal communication network was said to have been broken into by Chinese hackers.

In fact, a series of intrusions into secure systems in the MEA were then traced to China.

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