Thursday, April 25, 2013

Online fraudsters 'offering access to stolen credit card details through Facebook' - - 25 Apr 2013

London, Apr. 25 (ANI): Online fraudsters are offering access to credit card details, networks of hacked computers, and other fraud 'services' through Facebook, according to security researchers.

Cyber security firm RSA identified posts on a Facebook group that included a list of stolen items that appear to have been obtained by one of the group's members.
According to the Guardian, the group has now been removed by Facebook, which said it was a violation of its rules.

The group was launched on 28 February this year and at the time of its closure had 163 "likes" and 20 regular contributors.

A Facebook spokesperson said that 'security issues, from malware to cybercrime, exist across the whole of the web'.

Buying and selling malware, identities and card details is widespread on the Internet, but this appears to be one of the most brazen cases to date.

The Facebook group was completely public, meaning anyone - including those without a Facebook account - could access the sites it links to and the discussions taking place on its homepage, the report added.

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