Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Tale of an Accused Hacker - - 28 July 2012

What a Suspect in a Fraud Scheme Told an Undercover Cop 

Jarand Moen Romtveit thought John Leo Jr. was the site administrator of a carding forum when the accused 25-year-old hacker from Norway shared his computer screen with the FBI undercover agent last Feb. 9 to demonstrate a program he claimed to have developed to decrypt databases.
Leo saw multiple open windows on Romtveit's screen, including one with the name Jarand Moen. "Upon ending his demonstration of the program, the defendant said in the chat, 'Well, that's it tho, you got a small snippit (sic) ... + my real name if you looked close lol,'" Leo said in a sworn affidavit. Moments later, Romtveit furnished Leo with the link to his Facebook page

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