Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nigerian nabbed for lottery fraud - Times of India - 20 Apr 21011

Bangalore: A Nigerian national and his Indian mistress who conned many people using a fake lottery account were arrested by the City Crime Branch on Saturday.

Abiodun, 32, a native of Okena, has been perpetrating fraud and misappropriation since 2007. He landed a month ago in Bangalore with an elaborate plan of online lottery and credit card fraud.

Abiodun’s mistress Himakshi Hazarika was arrested. Abiodun was part of an international credit card fraud in Delhi in 2007 and had been arrested by Delhi Police with his associate Samson. He secured bail and moved to Bangalore.

In Delhi, he met Himakshi, an employee of a private company employee, who was married and had two children. She earned over Rs 60,000 a month. Following the affair with the Nigerian, she left her husband and came to Bangalore.

Police recovered a fake passport from her, and rented a house in HRBR Layout in Kalyan Nagar. Abiodun has been staying illegally in the country without proper documents.

Police are yet to ascertain the number of frauds the couple had pulled off and the volume of money invloved. “The investigation followed a complaint that they’d been sending email stating that the recipient had won an online lottery,” said R Lakshman, assistant commissioner of police, CCB.

Police said the couple was planning another credit card fraud. “Abiodun was an expert in credit card fraud. Using email and SMS, he’d capture credit card details from people and use them for purchases,” Lakshman said.


His modus operandi was to send emails on behalf of a UK-based firm. He would con his victims by telling them they had won an online lottery most convincingly. He’d ask for various amounts in the name of clearing and transferring the amount.


Euro millions ticket said...

Lottery frauds are now became a headache for the lotto owners.

Euro millions ticket said...

Lottery frauds are now became a headache for the lotto owners.