Thursday, February 17, 2011

Romania arrests five over credit card fraud - - 16 Feb 2010

Romania has arrested five people in the break-up of a European-wide network of credit card forgers, Europol, the European Union's law enforcement agency, said Wednesday.

The group was active in Britain, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

Police searched 14 homes in the towns of Pitesti, Galati and Vaslui and seized 50,000 euros and 50,000 dollars in cash, The Hague-based Europol said in a statement.

International "coordination of investigative measures was necessary as several members of the same organised crime group were also arrested in Poland", said the agency.

The network specialised in forging credit cards and "skimming", the theft of credit card information from ATM machines.

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Merchant Services said...

12 arrested in NY and 5 in Romania. There's a feeling of relief everytime I read news like this. The issue about credit card fraud has been a pain in the ass. It makes me paranoid sometimes whenever I use my cards and there is also that feeling of fear.