Monday, January 24, 2011

CPT: Role of Pakistan-based hackers confirmed - - 23 Jan 2010

KOCHI: The cyber wing of the Kochi city police on Saturday confirmed that it was hackers based in Lahore, Pakistan, who had hacked the website of the Cochin Port Trust (CPT) and defaced it. 

The cyber wing, headed by City Police Commissioner Manoj Abraham, had successfully tracked the IP address of the hackers who were operating from Lahore.Though there had been reports on the suspected role of the selfproclaimed Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) in the hacking of the website, it was late on Friday night that the cyber wing traced the ASN name and IP range connectivity of the hackers. 

According to police sources, they had tracked the ASN name as LDNASPK (LinkdotNet Telecom Limited) and the IP address registrar as It is learnt that the details which included the exact IP address would be handed over to the Union Government for taking up the matter with the Pakistan government. 

The state cyber wing had earlier warned that the so-called PCA was gearing up to launch a cyber war against India. The PCA members had already penetrated into servers where the Union Government and the state governments had hosted their websites. 

The CPT's website was the second one to be attacked by the PCA. The website of India's premier investigation agency, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), was the first which came under attack from the PCA. The website of the CPT was hacked by an organisation identified as 'Xtremist and DonZ Company' on Thursday

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