Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ID Theft: SARs On The Rise - - 25 Oct 2010 -

The majority of identity theft incidents reported by U.S. financial institutions don't relate to phishing attacks and spoofed website pages. According to a new ID theft report from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, most cases of ID theft are linked to a victim's family members or coworkers.

John Summers, a project officer at FinCEN and a lead in FinCEN's report, "Identity Theft: Trends, Patterns and Typologies Reported in Suspicious Activity Reports", says ID theft perpetrated by family, friends and business partners ranked No.1 among SARs filed by U.S. depository institutions in 2009. "In 27.5 percent of the filings, this was the highest," he says. "It basically means someone close to them was getting access to their files and using their information."

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