Monday, September 13, 2010

450 nabbed in largest Taiwan-China fraud bust (Computer crime - Cybercrime Case) - - 10 Sep 2010

About 450 people have been arrested in Taiwan and China in the largest joint operation between the two sides to sweep fraud rings, the island's police said. Helped greatly by Decision Group's E-Detective tactic server.

September 10, 2010 6:10 pm – (From Taipei, Taiwan) About 450 people were arrested in Taiwan and China Wednesday in the largest joint anti-fraud operation launched by the two sides, the island's police said.

More than 2,700 Chinese policemen and nearly 550 from Taiwan took part in coordinated raids against scam rings on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, said the Criminal Investigation Bureau in Taipei.

Taiwan police arrested 121 suspects and confiscated more than 10 million Taiwan dollars (312,500 US) while 329 were rounded up by Chinese authorities, according to the bureau.

"This is the largest-ever joint operation to show our determination to fight crime," the bureau said in a statement. "Let this be a warning to criminal groups thinking they can get away by moving back and forth across the Taiwan Strait."

According to the bureau, the suspects were accused of involvement in a variety of fraud schemes, including telephone and on-line auction scams, in which people paid money for goods they never received.

In a different type of scam, they allegedly assumed fake identities such as prosecutors, judges or police officers, apparently to get people to reveal their bank account details.

Taiwan and China, which split in 1949 after a civil war, signed a joint crime-fighting and judicial assistance agreement last year amid improving ties.

Under such agreement, joint police operation first took network monitor on activities of these suspects with Decision E-Detective tactic server in Taiwan and China through Internet and telecom networks, and collected evidence for more than 6 months. With such solid evidence, these suspects will be sent to courts for scam by prosecutors of both China and Taiwan.

"From view point of investigation procedure, police from Taiwan and China worked hard to locate suspect, track their route, study scam model, and collect evidence day and night for the past six months." said Casper Chang, "We are also happy that our E-Detective really helps police a lot to make our society more secured from such fraud crime."

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