Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TCS Website Hacked, Key Software Firms Now Concerned About Safety - - 8 Feb 2010

It seems that the hacking of official and major websites is on a rapid rise. Another major hack has come to light, and this time it is not a Government site, but that of Tata Consultancy Services, the Indian IT giant. The hacking has spurred much concern among other software companies.

TCS's tcs. com has been defaced by hackers who have left a message on the portal that it is up for sale. Anyone access the page is greeted with this message. It seems that changes have been made to the DNS setting of the website by the hackers, who have also put up the whos. among. us widget there to keep track of how many people have visited the site.

TCS is India's largest vendor of software.

The 'for sale' message of the site has been put up in both French and English, and the hackers have even provided their e-mail id as ''.

The hack has managed to put the security and expertise of Indian engineers under many questions.

By Jimmy Peterson

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