Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cops arrest two for bank fraud - - 9 Feb 2010

The Cyber Crime police have arrested two conmen for procuring the account details of customers by posing as bank agents and siphoning off their funds. According to the police, the duo would pass on the details of the customers to their accomplices in the bank who would then allegedly transfer funds from the customers’ account. The fraud came into light after a private company employee lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime police on January 14 claiming that Rs 2.1 lakh has been transferred from his account without his knowledge.

“The accused approached Dev Prasad Upadhyay, a Dombivali resident, as bank agents of RBI and a foreign bank. They told him that his bank account is disproportionate to his income and that they had to investigate it for which his bank details were required. Upadhyay gave away his bank account number and other details sought by the accused. A few days later he learnt that Rs 2.1 lakh has been transferred from his account,” said an officer.

By Aiswarya-A

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