Sunday, September 27, 2009

Skimming gang arrested by police - - 16 Sep 09

An organised group who defrauded over 400 persons of around 330,000 Euros (1.4 million lei) by skimming and falsifying credit cards has been arrested by police in Bucharest.

Three young men, aged 23 to 25, from Ramnicu Valcea in central Romaia have been arrested after a police investigation showed they had been stealing credit-card information from ATMs and using it to withdraw money from people’s accounts.

Equipment for falsifying credit cards and stealing ATM data were found at their residences during police raids.

The fraudsters placed special equipments or video cameras at ATMs to steal data from users.

Police have identified 400 victims who were defrauded of around 330.000 Euros (1.4 million lei) in the last year.

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