Thursday, May 14, 2009

Credit card cloner jailed - - 13 May 09

A man has been jailed for cloning more than 1,000 debit and credit cards while working as a cashier at a Northampton petrol station.

Suntharam Thevaratnam had allowed fraudsters to place a device in the station's chip and pin machine which recorded customers' credit card data, the Northampton Chronicle & Echo reports.

Mr Thevaratnam was caught when police received more than 1,000 complaints of credit card skimming.

The Sri Lankan-born man was jailed for three years at Northampton Crown Court after pleading guilty to fraud.

"This case involves the skimming of credit and debit card details in the UK and substantial usage by others of at least £300,000. It may well be more," the newspaper quoted prosecutor Rebecca Crane as saying.

The fraudsters used the information to make cloned credit cards abroad, which were then used to withdraw money in countries as distant as Canada and India.

In March, Simon Crisp, director of online shopping guide, said that credit card companies should adopt a global system to stop stolen and cloned cards being used abroad.

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