Friday, April 10, 2009

Store staffer held for card fraud - The Telegraph, India - 03 Apr 09

Shibabrata Guha, a former employee of a sportswear showroom in Mani Square, was arrested on Wednesday evening for using a shopper’s credit card.

Guha, who is in his late 20s, had found a credit card left by Mousumi Roy in the store after she made a purchase in August 2008.

The youth immediately excused himself from work and went on a shopping spree with Roy’s credit card, running up a bill of Rs 27,000. His luck ran out when Roy realised her card was missing and asked her bank to block it. Guha’s fraud came to light after Roy received the credit card statement. She then lodged a complaint with Phoolbagan police.

Seven months later, Guha was arrested in his Shibpur home. During interrogation, he admitted to having used Roy’s card to make a string of purchases, including branded clothes and a high-end cellphone. Guha said he left the job soon after finding the card.

“We are yet to find out what else Guha had bought using the card. He was intelligent enough to realise that he must act before the card was blocked,” said a senior officer.

Guha told the police that he wanted to buy things that were beyond his means and the credit card provided him with an easy opportunity to fulfil his desires. “Guha had copied the cardholder’s signature to perfection before making his purchases. So, no one suspected anything,” the officer said.

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