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Now, state DFS can access damaged SIM cards - / - 04 Jan 09

Ahmedabad: A gangster senses that the police are behind him and he could be caught any time. To save his established network of goons and
even high-profile people, he extracts the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) of his mobile phone and chews it off. The police misses the crucial links in the case due to lack of information about the operation of the gang.

Mobile phone being damaged by criminals is not new for police officials. In today's world, a mobile phone is much more than a communication device and can reveal much more about the person in question. But now, criminals cannot take a breath of relief after destruction.

Gujarat Directorate of Forensic Sciences (DFS) has acquired the technology of extracting information from damaged SIM cards for the first time in the country. In fact, the laboratory has already supported investigating agencies in three cases so far.

Dr JM Vyas, director of Gandhinagar DFS, told TOI that the technology will be a boon for investigations. "We now have acquired the technology. It generally happens that criminals try to destroy all possible evidences that can link them to the crime. Now, a SIM that was thrown in water, fire or even crushed, can now be used to get desired information," he said.

Forensic experts clean the SIM with a special chemical and then get the chip out. The chip is then scanned and data is copied after clearing the damaged parts. The experts search for every possible compartment to get the data. According to computer forensic experts, through the technology, they get the desired results all the times.

A team of DFS officials was part of a seminar conducted by Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) on Cyber Security. "We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to detect cyber crime and provide information from virtually any storage device and network connections today. Mobile forensics is also quite popular with the police investigators to get call records and find out location," said a DFS official.

The officials also added that soon, the laboratory will have lots of damaged cellular phones and hard disc drives. At the moment, the DFS services is rendering services to investigating agencies from all over the country.

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