Sunday, December 21, 2008

Police deserve full credit - - 16 Dec 08

Dubai's Criminal Investigation Department has apprehended a gang of four believed to be responsible for a huge credit card scam against bank customers throughout the UAE.

Using sophisticated skimming and scanning technology, the gang is believed to have amassed Dh223 million by stealing credit card information.

The gang's activities prompted financial institutions to warn customers to change their bank card security details. Their activities also had an impact on bank customers using their cards abroad during the busy summer season.

Two were arrested in Dubai, a third suspect was apprehended, and a fourth was arrested outside the country and returned through the extradition process. Dubai police deserve full credit for their work in bringing the gang to justice. Well done!

Upon conviction, the gang deserves to receive the full weight of the law in return for the angst, pain and upset caused to ordinary people across the UAE, and for the harm to reputation and bruising the confidence of financial institutions. Throw away the key!

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