Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Man asked to pay for ghost credit card - - 17 Sep 2008

Mumbai: Paresh Karia (30), the owner of Jeetendra General Store, a grocery shop near Sonapur Lane in Kurla (W), was in for a shock when he received an ABN Amro credit card statement for June showing Rs 44,900 as due. Karia claimed that he never received the credit card.

According to the statement, Karia had bought gold ornaments and paid hotel bills through the credit card. In May, he had received two add-on cards issued in the name of his parents, which he claimed, he had not applied for. Karia told TOI, “My father died five years ago, while my mother lives in Kutch.’’

Karia said he approached the bank several times, but they did not reply. The bank allegedly did not even respond to his advocates’ letters. According to him, the bank has even started sending notices and making calls. “In the last two months, I have received over 15 calls from the bank’s recovery department, threatening me and demanding repayment of the dues and the late fees.’’

He said, “In April, one of the bank’s telemarketing executive called me, asking me to apply for the bank’s credit card. At first, I refused, but the executive kept calling me, after which, I took the card. In May, the executive took my signature on the form, and took documents like PAN card and my HSBC Bank statement.’’

After 15 days, Karia received a confirmation call from the bank to verify the documents. However, Karia refused to give the details on phone and asked the executive to come down to his shop. “The next day, I received a parcel from the bank,” said Karia.

ABN Amro Bank spokesperson told TOI, “We will will resolve the issue soon.’’ “We have lodged a complaint based on Karia’s information. He has claimed that the bank’s recovery agent was threatening him with dire consequences if he failed to clear the dues,’’ said an officer from Vinoba Bhave Nagar police station.
WRONG GUY: The bank statements said P Karia had bought gold ornaments and paid hotel bills through the credit card, which he claimed, he did not have.

By V Narayan

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