Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long march to hack Kerala CM’s site - The Telegraph - 22 Sep 2008

New Delhi, Sept. 22: For V.S. Achuthanandan, this should be the unkindest hack of all. The cyber goons who vandalised the Kerala chief minister’s website last year were hacking it from a CPM place of pilgrimage, China.

Kerala police have traced the Internet Protocol addresses of two of the hackers to Beijing and one each to Moscow and Los Angeles. The makers of the website, C-Dit, a Kerala public sector unit, had registered a police complaint on June 2 last year following the hacking.

The website had initiated a debate on Smart City, a special economic zone project in Kochi, but the pages on the subject were tampered with and “unwarranted” information added, sources said.

“Our investigations have made it clear that the computers used for tampering were based in Beijing, Moscow and Los Angeles. We are now drawing up a questionnaire in Chinese and Russian (for these two countries’ police),” said M. Shekharan, deputy superintendent (crime detachment cell), Kerala police, who headed the probe.

The police plan to seek Interpol help to track the hackers down. Officers haven’t ruled out expatriates from Kerala doing the damage from the three foreign cities.

“It’s possible that some people from the state who are based in those cities did it,” an officer said.


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